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Rainbow River Rock is round in shape that naturally occurs in river beds. Rainbow River Rock is a sought-after colorful addition to the landscape. Great for walkways and green house floors. Available in (3/8") and (1")

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Crushed Concrete is  a mixture of small, medium and large pieces of concrete that packs together well to make a stable foundation for driveways, etc.
Crushed Limestone used in driveways, walkways and carports.  Also great for landscaping, specifically cactus gardens. Available in (5/8") and 
(1 1/2")
Crushed Granite  is a great way to pave patios and walkways. It provides a natural, rustic look. It is gold in color. Crushed granite also works great between flagstones.
Bull Rock (3X5") or Baby Bull Rock (2x3") comes in various shades of brown. Used on areas where larger rocks are useful as a stable, non-eroding surface or as an accent in non-traffic landscape applications.

* 1  Yard of  rock  is equivalent  to  1.5  Tons
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Blue Granite (5/8")  is mixture of
blues and pinks. Great for driveways
and carports. Also great for landscaping