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Planting Mix is our #1 selling product. This mix is formulated with mushroom compost, pine bark fines, river bank sand, organic humus and poultry manure. This mix is suitable for many planting applications. 

Texas Turf is a topsoil blend made with topsoil, washed sand and mushroom compost. This soil is excellent for revitalizing lawns, grass seeding or sod planting.

Professional Growers Mix is a professional grade growing and potting mix for the gardener with higher performance expectation. We formulate this mix with sphagnum peat moss, mushroom compost, composted rice hulls, aged pine bark fines, organic humus, washed sand and horticultural perlite.

Pine Bark Fines are screened to 1/2" and are excellent for improving and conditioning poor soil.  Pine bark fines can be used as mulch or tilled into the existing soil.

Top Soil (Sandy Loam or Red Clay) 

Sand (Washed)
Sand (River Bank)

Mushroom Compost improves soil structure, adds nutrients, improves water retention and reduces soil compaction.

Planting Mix
Growers Mix
Pine Bark Fines
Washed Sand
Mushroom Compost

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