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Black Matt Mulch is a black colored mulch suitable for moisture and weed control. The richness of this black mulch enhances landscapes and brings out the color of your garden and flower beds. 

Rosie Red Mulch is a long lasting red colored mulch which is great for weed and moisture control. This rich red color adds depth and beauty to your flower beds and helps create charactor and appeal. 

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Pine Mulch is a bark mulch that has a natural rusty appearance.  It is ideal for acid loving plants such as roses and azaleas.

Hardwood Mulch is made from 100% pure hardwood. It is excellent for moisture and weed retention. This mulch has a rich dark brown shredded appearance.

Cedar Mulch is an aromatic blondish brown shredded mulch made from cedar trees from central Texas. This mulch distracts insects and is excellent for weed and moisture control.
Rosie Red Mulch
Black Matt Mulch
Pine Mulch
Hardwood Mulch
Cedar Mulch

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